Friday, 30 August 2013

Love Rose Water Decals

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


Water decals have to be up there as one of my favourite nail art products, so I was excited to be able to pick some out from KKcenterhk's huge selection for review! Today I have some romantic rose decals to show you. You may also have noticed I have a coupon code for you on the right hand side of the blog!

The sheet has a ton of roses (I counted about 45) in a range of sizes, all the way down to adorable rosebuds. Application was fantastic: I cut around the roses I wanted, placed them in water for about 30 seconds and easily slid them off the backing paper. They went onto my nails with no fuss, adhered perfectly and seamlessly - no wrinkles or tell-tale line around the decal.

For my base colour I painted on Sally Hansen's Crinoline, an extremely pale pink. The four largest decals were too big for my nails so I had an idea - I cut one so I could wear it across three nails and it worked really really well! I added two smaller roses to my pinky finger to complete the manicure:

This is my favourite kind of manicure ~ feminine and rosy! I am very happy I've been able to give a rave review of these water decals. I can very honestly say I would have bought them myself if I hadn't received them for review. You can get them here...


Lisa xx


  1. Soon pretty! I also lovevdecals ;)

  2. I have to get these, this looks great!!

  3. Thank you, I'm tempted to go and buy more even though I was given them for review! The code GEORDIENAILS will get you 10% off if you do fall for them ^_^ xx


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