Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Freak Out over a Blueberry Muffin!


Well this manicure named itself! I'm wearing two Models Own polishes: the ultra cool glitter mix Freak Out! worn over the scented blue-purple Blueberry Muffin. So I've ended up with a gorgeous sparkly mani that still smells very lightly and pleasantly of muffins ^_^

For this manicure I used a technique by Nail Wish to get lots of glitter on my nail in one go using a cosmetics sponge. This technique is so useful for top coat glitters, check it out!

In Lisa-related news I just got back from the hospital where I had an ultrasound, and I have gallstones! I don't know what will happen yet as the ultrasound doctor needs to send a report to my GP, but it's nice to have an answer at least.


Lisa xx

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