Monday, 12 August 2013

MoYou Pro 07 ~ Vintage Flower Manicure


This is my second manicure using my new MoYou Pro 07 stamping plate (the first with a review is right here). The image I used today, an intricate pattern of vintage flowers, is actually the one which enticed me to buy the plate.

As I mentioned in my first review I'd done a test stamp and didn't get good results, so I had a bit more practise and this mani is as good as the image got. The base colour is Sally Hansen's Lavender Cloud, the accent nail is W7's Black and the stamping is Konad's Special Black.

And, for reference, here is the stamping plate on the MoYou site where you can see this image as it was advertised:

I am disappointed that the image on the nail is not nearly as detailed and intricate as was shown on the site. I still like my manicure and think you can make out the pattern, but it would have been amazing if you could see all the detail!


Lisa xx


  1. Is it the middle row, second from right? I'd be disappointed too. Sorry for your experience! Now I'm scared because I ordered eight plates from them! :(

  2. It is indeed. I have to say that the other images seem to have fared better, but yes it is disappointing!

  3. Did you contact their customer service? I have this plate coming in the mail soon.

  4. I didn't but you have a point, it'd be a good idea to let them know in case it isn't intentional.


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