Monday, 27 January 2014

AiS Sunday Challenge ~ Three Purples!


This is a little late, but here we are! This week's Adventures in Stamping Sunday challenge was to create a manicure using three purples.

For my base I did a three-purple sponged gradient using Sally Hansen's Lavender Cloud, Nails Inc's Bluebell and Models Own's Pukka Purple. I'm still learning how to do gradients so it isn't perfect, but I feel like I'm improving!

For the stamping I once again broke out my MoYou Mother Nature plates 01 and 05. In black I stamped birds and butterflies, then in white and purple to contrast the gradient I added a rose pattern. Here it is...


Lisa xx


  1. Very pretty! Love the colors you chose and the stamps!

  2. This is so gorgeous! Ahh, love it so much! Amazing :) xx

  3. These are gorgeous! I really need to learn how to stamp....

  4. I love the pop of black in the designs. You blended all of the colors together so beautifully!


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