Sunday, 5 January 2014

Stamping Decal Manicure


Firstly, giveaway news - it will start at Midnight tonight! Rafflecopter seems to like things to begin and end at midnight on the dot, so I'll be ready tonight to launch it. Very excited!

On Thursday I was having trouble getting a good stamp of the intricate birdcage on MoYou's Mother Nature plate 01. In addition to switching to a firmer stamper and getting a better result, I also made a few decals on a sheet of plastic so I'd have them handy for future manis. I started with nail-sized coats of clear polish (Seche Vite), left them to dry for a couple of hours then added a second coat so they'd be thick enough to come away from the plastic. After another couple of hours I stamped the birdcages onto them. Making decals is a lot less of a chore if you get them done for the future between watching TV or something :-)

For my manicure I used Nails Inc's Holly Place and stamped a problem-free bird onto the ring finger of one hand. Getting the birdcage decal onto my nail was less fiddly than expected - I painted a coat of Seche Vite onto my nails then stuck it down, pressed it into place gently then used a cotton bud soaked in polish remover to clean away the excess decal around the nail. I then finished with more top coat. You end up with a thick layer of polish on the nail but a success!


Lisa xx


  1. What do you use to do the decals on, everything I have tried hasn't seemed very good.

  2. Thank you all! I have some plastic party-bag-style things lying around and I used those... they do curl a little as the polish dries though.

  3. Even if they curl will they be okay to use?

  4. Yes, they actually fit the curve around my nail so it was all good! Curling definitely doesn't affect the image.

    1. Great! When I have done them in the past and they curled I assumed they were no good. Next time I will have to not bin them :P


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