Monday, 6 January 2014

Primark Spotty with Nailz Craze Hearts


I was in Primark last Friday and noticed boxes of this Spotty polish for £2 each. I fell in love with Illamasqua's Speckled collection last Spring but, at £14 per polish, it was a little rich for me and I resisted. I figured that I may as well spend £2 to see if the Primark knock-off was any good!

Spotty is a mauve-ish colour containing two sizes of black glitter. I applied two coats and, as I've just launched my giveaway, I had to add some cute little hearts from Nailz Craze plate NC01 as accents ^_^

First off, this polish STINKS! Smelly to high heaven. However, the end result is a really very good take on the speckled polish trend. Despite the smell I'm happy!


Lisa xx

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