Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Retro & Floral Water Decals


Today holds my first ever review for Born Pretty store! I was sent a page of beautiful postage stamp style water decals with floral and retro designs (including some French images which are particularly "me"!).

Firstly, the designs are huge! I was expecting nail-size decals but you can actually get a full manicure out of each design, or do cut-outs for nail art if you prefer. I did a bit of both to show you!

Item ID: 11349


...and here is a manicure I did with scrapbook-like cutouts of the decal over gold:

These are the first water decals I've tried where the instructions including blow-drying your nails, so I followed the instructions carefully. Firstly you need to remember to remove the protective plastic! After roughly measuring the width of my nails and cutting out decals to fit them, I followed the direction with dipping the decals in water then sliding them onto my damp nail. Positioning them was easy, they smoothed out nicely. I then got my hairdryer out! I gave my nails a quick blast on the low setting and this seemed to "set" the decal in place. After this I used a nail file to file away any excess decal over my nail tip and applied top coat, making sure to apply some over my nail edges for maximum wear.

The pros of these decals are that they are truly stunning and you get a lot for the price tag! I've suggested that it might be helpful to include the size of the decals in the product description so you know for sure what you're getting. The most fiddly part is cutting out the decals for your nails, but if you're happy to do this you will come out with a beautiful manicure :-)

I've been given a 10% discount code for Born Pretty store in case you want to get the decals yourself! I've put it in the right sidebar of the blog and it's below too, code CMBQ10:


Lisa xx


  1. Lovely. I saw these on bp, might be tempted. Would you mind telling me the size of the decal though? Thanks x

  2. I just measured them and they are each 5.7cm by 4.4cm. I got 10 decals out of one image and I'd say I have medium to wide nails for a girl. The decals would have been enough for quite long nails too - I filed the excess off the tips of my nails. Hope that helps! x

  3. That's great thanks. Off to peruse.:-)


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