Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Hospital Manicures: Floral Decals


This is the third of the manicures I tried while I was stuck in hospital following a gallstone attack. These are water decals sent to me from Born Pretty Store that I have already reviewed but love so much that I'll definitely be using them all.

My cuticles aren't great in this picture; being poorly and not being able to drink much has left my skin in a sorry state! However, having these pretty decals on my nails really cheered me up ^_^

You can buy the decals here and you can use the coupon code CMBQ10 to get 10% off your order. As I already mentioned I was sent these decals to review for Born Pretty Store and I'm continuing to use them for personal enjoyment after my review :-)


Lisa xx


  1. These are super pretty, I can see why you like them :-)

  2. Stunning! hope you get better soon x

  3. These look awesome. Get well soon :)


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