Saturday, 8 October 2011

17 Magnetized Nail Polish ~ Blue


I spotted this new arrival in Boots yesterday.  In between classes at university this week I have been frequenting the polish aisles quite regularly, so this magnetic polish must have only been released in the past couple of days.

The shade I chose was Blue; I would have bought this polish even without the special effect, which is always a good sign.  I paid £4.99 which is the polish's introductory price, rising to £5.99 in November.

Before I show you my pictures I have to warn you: I do need to practise more to get the perfect magnetised effect!  The next time I will be trying a thicker coat to get a more pronounced look.  But here is what I ended up with on my first try...

As you can see I didn't get a really strong effect, but I can already see how beautiful this is - I LOVE the purple coming through.  What's more, this polish is a one-coater, which is very convenient!

I will definitely be posting again in future with more successful attempts ^_^


Lisa xx


  1. I found that the longer you hold the magnet over for the sharper the effect is. It's like if the polish is still quite wet the magnetic particles don't stay where the magnet drags them to, so if you hold it for about 20 seconds on each nail the polish sets a bit more so the particles don't move. Did that make sense? lol
    Well, that being said, I tried the blue one today and didn't get as good an effect as I did with the green. Still love it though!

  2. I just adore magnetic polishes! The only one I have been able to get my hands on is Layla!


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