Monday, 10 October 2011

Rimmel ~ Matte Finish Top Coat


After I did my back-to-uni mani at the beginning of the week, I finally caved and bought a matte top coat.  I have never ever liked the idea of matte polish, but really wanted to see if I could create a velvet effect.  I chose Rimmel London's Lycra Pro Matte Finish, which cost me about £4.59.  Here it is over 17's Midnight Sapphire:

I actually really, really like this look.  In future I'll be trying it over polishes with more of a glitter to them.  But yes, thumbs up from a matte sceptic!


Lisa xx


  1. I wasn't sure either as I tried the matte black avon polish and it was awful but I have to say i like the matte top coats over certain polishes... this is a really nice idea! xx

  2. It looks so pretty! Definitely let me know how long it lasts for you. I do have a couple of matte topcoats that I got from friends but I haven't tried them yet and I've heard they chip easier than regular polishes. I hope this holds up well for you though, it looks great! xo

  3. Lisa this looks gorgeous! Yay for matte!

  4. This looks really good!


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