Sunday, 30 October 2011

Revlon Scented Polish and Peacock Nail Foil


Today I tried out my Revlon Passion Fruit polish for the first time, then topped it with a transparent peacock patterned nail foil which I got from Nail Delights' online store.

Firstly, here is Passion Fruit on its own, 2 coats.  The colour itself is lovely and the scent is subtle and very pleasant - I'm coming round to the idea of my nails being smelly ;-D

The worn writing on the bottle is probably the reason this polish ended up on a market stall - but paying £1.99 for a perfectly good £6.49 polish with a tired bottle is not something to turn one's nose up at!

Then, I applied my nail foil - I've been having trouble with some of the foils I bought (when I put a top coat on one of the proper, shiny, wrapping-paper type foils it took the colour right off!  :-O ) but this peacock one is beautiful.  I really like transparent foils.  Here it is:


The peacock pattern didn't 'pop' over the purple as I thought it might, but it looks so pretty, interesting and regal all the same.  I will probably be trying the foil over a range of colour to see how it turns out ^_^

In the meantime, can anyone advise me on how best to top-coat your nail foils without ruining them?  These rolls are so cheap and attractive, I really want to make the most of them!


Lisa xx

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