Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Nail Foils!


This is my first attempt at using nail foils, and I love them!  I ordered English Rose and African Jade to begin with, along with the adhesive you need.  For English Rose I painted a base coat of white and for African Jade a base of gold, then I applied the foil :-)

Again, I have to apologise for my appalling nails.  I shall be pampering them while they grow back!

English Rose:

African Jade:

A better look at the pattern:

I noticed that, with foils, you seem to get tip wear very quickly and easily - is that normal?  I'll have to remember to maintain my top coat next time.  Also having a base colour helps disguise the wear and tear.  But I love the instant beauty you get with these and want to buy more!


Lisa xx


  1. I love the jade one, where did you get them from?x

  2. Hiya! I got them from Nail Delights, a UK-based online store. I think it's pretty widely sold on other nail art websites too xxx


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