Sunday, 23 October 2011

MUA ~ Shade 1


Today I'm showing you a polish by a range called MUA (Make-Up Academy) that I found for £1 a polish in Superdrug ~ has anyone heard of this brand?

This polish is inventively called 'Shade 1'; it's a very deep blue with a nice shimmer to it that made it look different enough from my beloved 'Midnight Sapphire' by 17 to want to snap it up!

When the first coat went on my heart sank; the polish looked murky and really unappealing.  However, with the second coat it brightened right up and turned into the beautiful shade in the bottle!

The polish applies well and is definitely worth the £1 price tag!  It might even replace Midnight Sapphire in my dark and mysterious manis ;-)


Lisa xx

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