Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Tale of Two Glitters!


This is a post to show off two lovely glitters I found on my wanders ^_^

The first is La Femme Beauty's 'Sapphire', dreamy glitter with a lilac base, which I found on a market stall.  The second is Barry M's 'Iridescent Pink' which I spotted in Superdrug and absolutely could not resist buying.

Here are the sparkly pics!

The above pics are one coat of each polish on a base of Rimmel's Black Cab. 

Strangely enough, Iridescent Pink glitters more blue than Sapphire!  Sapphire leans towards a more greenish hue.  I have to say that Iridescent Pink is my favourite, but both are deliciously sparkly ^_^


Lisa xx


  1. Those are so pretty! Just add it to the list of things I can't have :)

  2. Those are too pretty! Sapphire is my fav out of the two though!


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