Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ladybird Nail Stencil


Here I tried out the ladybird nail stencil I got from Nail Delights - ladybirds remind me of my late grandad, so it was a must-buy.

The general depression of having baby-short nails made me want a baby mani, so I painted 3 coats of glitter - alternating between Barry M's Iridescent Pink and La Femme Beauty's Sapphire, both shown here - and topped it with Rimmel's Matte top coat for a frosting feel.  On my ring finger I used the stencil to paint the ladybird using 17's Ruby Gem and Rimmel's Black Cab.

Before I show you, I must apologise for the shocking quality of my nails and cuticles- having very short nails always seems to destroy my fingertips.  Curse my broken nail!!

That is one ├╝ber-cute lil' ladybird though ^_^


Lisa xx


  1. Is it a 3D nail sticker? It's so adorable!

  2. No, it's a stencil that comes in two parts - the body and the head and dots - and you paint through it. It is super-cute ^_^ xx

  3. Very cute!
    I am passing along the Liebster Blog award to you.


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