Saturday, 31 December 2011

Barry M ~ Blue Glitter


Here I showed off, using my wondrous new phone, the presents my fiancé got me - 4 amazing Barry M polishes!  The lovely man went into Superdrug, searched out an assistant with sparkly nails and got advice on what kind of polish to get ^_^

He ended up choosing for me two foil effects polishes in Gold and Lilac (the limited edition I'd been tempted by on more than one occasion), the glittery Pink Iridescent (which I have but am running out of because I love it so much), and the one I am wearing right now, Blue Glitter!

Below are two coats painted over a metallic blue base just in case of bald spots, and with two coats of top coat for a super shiny smooth finish.  Now, I went through all the settings on my camera trying to best show off the hue I'm seeing as I look at it in various lights (although I suspect my eyes take in light/colour a bit funny), and these are the closest I got:

But here are the rest of the pics, taken normally in proper light!

I freaking LOVE this glitter.  As soon as I put it on it became one of my favourite polishes.  The coverage is so rich, and full, and indulgent.


Lisa xx


  1. i love it! the red version of it is just as nice. i think i have to get this :P

  2. One of my fave glitters :) Happy New year hun x


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