Saturday, 3 December 2011

I Love My Franken!


Here is the post where I first showed off my franken to the world, and today I found the perfect base colour for it ~ No7's Violetta.  This polish has shown up a lot in my blog since I bought it, and I genuinely do use and love it that much!

Also, if HTML goes to plan, I am adding a poll at the bottom of this post to choose a name for my franken!  I'll re-post a pic of the franken on nude nails below today's mani photos; it is a clear polish base with blue hex glitter, varying smaller sizes of silver glitter with a rainbow glimmer, and a touch of very small pink-tinged silver glitter. 

Here are the pics!!

What should I name my franken?

(note that these were just my own ideas, feel free to post a comment with your own!)


Lisa xx

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