Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Day Haul & Mani!

Hello, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

I've been so lazy in posting, but I'm back and am going to line up a few posts with the neglected photos I have just uploaded!

We'll start with my Christmas presents - I was a lucky lucky girl this year!  I received an Android phone (I think it's a Samsung Galaxy?), the features of which fill me with wonderment and confusion!  I am currently addicted to mobile timewasting games.  If I can manage it I might do a 'Mani on the Move' post sometime using this clever new phone.

I also received some fabulous polishy presents, both expected and unexpected.  These are the things I found myself: Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure for £1.99 on a market stall (!), a lovely purple and blue glitter from Claire's Accessories, and a set of fishnet stocking nail wraps from Ann Summers.  These are my first nail wraps, and seemed a bargain at £6.25 for 24 - I'm hoping that by being very careful I will get two manis out of them, and that they will look decent!  Here are the pics:

In addition to these I got a French manicure set from my brother and a Strictly Come Dancing themed box set of polishes from my parents - now I do not watch Strictly Come Dancing, but this makes zero difference to how much I love this present!  The set has been made by Boots - I checked this because a couple of the colours look the same as ones from the Boots No7 line.  Further investigation will be done ;-)  So here are the surprise presents:

I can't wait to try all my new polishes out.  But now, onto my Christmas Day mani!

This was a mani of Glitter Gal's Frappe (over a base of pink to make the colour richer) with some festive snowflake nail art stickers on a few accent nails.  The colour was chosen to go with my warm sparkly jumper.  It was a bit rushed as my nanna was coming over, but it was Christmassy enough!

Whew!  Well I hope you are still enjoying the festive season, I will be be back soon with my Boxing Day mani ^_^


Lisa xx


  1. *drool* That Glitter Gal is gor-geous! I don't own any of that brand but I covet them, for sure. How fab that you found Hidden Treasure, too. Awesomesauce! xo

  2. i cannot BELIEVE you got Hidden Treasure for £1.99 - outrageous!!! and i got that Strictly set too - its half crap / half genius lol

  3. I know!!! Honestly I'm not in the nail polish current events loop, but I'd glanced at bits and pieces about Hidden Treasure and it seemed quite an in-demand polish... didn't even know they had it over here. xx


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