Monday, 5 December 2011

Dried Flower on Holo


After the tights-destroyed mani I showed you yesterday, I decided to go for the same concept but a different combo.  This time, I used Glitter Gal's Frappe (2 coats over a lilac polish for a colour boost, it's a very delicate holo otherwise) and white dried flowers.  I also changed my accent nails and put a flower on each middle fingernail.  Here we are:

And the other hand...


The thing about the white dried flowers is that they can lose their colour as you secure them onto the nail polish.  They do still look lovely though, and work better on light colours so you don't notice the colour loss as much.  I do't need to tell you how beautiful the holo is... honestly, I am in love!  I'm constantly getting the urge to wear Frappe, that's why you might see it featured in this blog a lot ;-)


Lisa xx


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