Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Bourjois 1 Séconde ~ Shade 9


Today I have a market-stall find, Bourjois' 1 Séconde polish in Shade 9 (pity it doesn't have a name).  It is a very deep, rich purple with a nice rich shimmer to it.  Here are two coats:

It is a very lovely colour indeed! 

The polish bottle makes a lot of claims: fan-effect brush, one brushstroke, one second to apply, one coat, 50 second dry time.  The extra-wide fan brush is brilliant, and I wish more polishes had them!!  It really does make application a lot easier.  As for the one-coat claim... this could never be opaque in one coat; it's a definite two-coater.  It also took longer than 50 seconds to dry completely, but it still dried quite quickly and I did paint thick coats on a lot of nails.  All said, the brush is what really makes this polish a quick, convenient and easy one to use.

As I have already mentioned in this blog, dark and demure colours really don't suit me.  I would definitely be pairing this polish with something else to make it more "me", so I did a quick test with four glitters to see how it looked.  Here we go...

Index ~ Sapphire by La Femme Beauty
Middle ~ Magic by Accessorize
Ring ~ Dream by Accessorize
Pinky ~ Light pink glitter by Claire's

The combination that really caught my eye was with Magic ~ it added a different, deeper look to the glitter and so I plan to wear a mani with this pair ~ watch tomorrow's post!



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