Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Boxing Day Mani

Hello, and all the best of the season!

I'm not sure that every country has Boxing Day - traditionally it's when wealthy families gave gifts to their servants, but basically it's just the day after Christmas!  For me it's when my family go to see my nanna and uncle :-)

This was another mani choice to sort-of go with my sparkly jumper, and I chose Claire's baby pink glitter (I wish their polishes had names!)  I first painted a coat of No7's metallic pink Milan in case of any bald patches, then I added two coats of the dense glitter.  Here we are!

I love this glitter and am still wearing it now - OK, partly because I'm nearly out of cotton pads and this will require a massive removal effort, but I am very very happy to wear this on my nails all day long!


Lisa xx

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  1. So pretty! I hate removing glitters, too, but they are so beautiful, I suffer through it, lol. P.S. Nope, no Boxing Day here in the U.S. but ty for explaining the meaning behind it. I always wondered. xo


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