Tuesday, 6 December 2011

LisLis falls for Boots 17's promotion ^_^


I was browsing in a smaller local branch of Boots and saw this offer on the 17 display: buy two 17 products and get the above set free, which includes a small make-up bag, a nail file and three polishes.  Well who could resist that?!  I bought backup bottles of Woo Me and Sweet Kisses, two of my absolute favourite polishes whose original bottles are fast running out, and picked up the free gift.  Here I'll show you all 3 polishes ^_^

Firstly, we have Risky Red, labelled as a 'High Gloss' polish.  This isn't part of 17's regular range and I wonder if it is a trial for either a new line or a rebranding of the 'Supreme Shine' line?  Here are the pics (non-flash included to give a fuller idea of the colour):

This is a REALLY good polish.  It applied well and was opaque and wonderfully glossy in 2 coats.  I do find the colour a little generic and uninspiring, but maybe that's just my taste?

Onto the black, Nightshade.  I actually had a bottle of this in my collection; I didn't like it and abandoned it in favour of other blacks.  Here I gave it another chance and was actually happy with it.  I remembered that my reason for not liking it is because it needs a good 3 coats to be opaque - and if you're using it as a simple black base for nail art or glitter, you can end up with a lot of polish on your nails.  However, just swatching it on its own it was a good polish.  Here you go:

And finally, the Glitter Top Coat.  I'm afraid my flash didn't show it off to its best, sorry!  This is the downside of sleeping problems and having to photograph manis at night.  You can still see though that it is nice; it sparkles lots of different, pretty colours.  It's nothing unique, but a nice little glitter to add to your mani for a party sparkle.

Do I think it's worth picking out a couple of 17 items you like in order to get this free?  Yes!!!  As I type this the Boots website seems to be down so I can't tell you how long this promotion is lasting, but take a look and see if your Boots has it ^_^


Lisa xx

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  1. So pretty! I especially like the red - surprise surprise, it's my favourite colour! I miss Boots so much...I don't think they ship internationally, do they?

    Love it! xx


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