Sunday, 19 May 2013

31 Day Challenge ~ Recreate Someone Else's Mani


Today is the very last of the laid-back 31 Day Challenge! I've absolutely loved it ~ it's gotten me back into blogging, inspired me to try new ideas and I've had the pleasure of seeing amazing manicures from the other challengers. It feels strange that it's over! :-(

The final day is to recreate someone else's mani from earlier in the challenge. This would have been so hard, as every single day I've been inspired, but I decided to take the mani that popped straight into my memory as being fun, cute and with a personal meaning to me. Missy from Missy's Manis did a ladybird manicure for the "Inspired by Nature" challenge ~ I know she didn't think they turned out right but I found them adorable and personally loved the half-moon idea! Ladybirds also remind me of my grandad, so this was my choice ^_^

I used Barry M's Pomegranate as the base red then added the detail with my black Barry M nail art pen.

I'm so sad this is over but we have a final set of amazing manicures to click on below ~ thank you so much if you've been following my nail art journey!


Lisa xx

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