Sunday, 5 May 2013

Delicious Skittle Manicure!


I'm still overjoyed with my Cheeky Home Sweet Home stamping plate and decided to test out a mani using five of the patterns at once! I don't know if this was intentional, but included amongst the designs are five different fruits and veggies that correspond with the colours of the rainbow - perfect for a Skittles manicure with a delicious difference.

First of all you'll have to excuse the slight smudging - I tend to need a couple of practises to get my stamping perfect with new designs. I stamped using Konad White, and the colours I used are...

Tomatoes ~ Pomegranate by Barry M
Carrots ~ Missmatch by Missguided
Bananas ~ Orange by Cairuo
Garlic ~ Greenberry by Barry M
Aubergine ~ My Denim by Rimmel

And here's the mani!

I'm so cheered by this look! As well as looking great as a set, I'm inspired to do separate manicures showing off each design and colour combination. I actually have a banana-scented pastel yellow by Models Own, and what would be more perfect than to stamp the bananas over it?!


Lisa xx

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