Friday, 10 May 2013

Modern Floral Manicure


I am back with another manicure using my new Home Sweet Home stamping plate by Cheeky. The inspiration was a little storage box I have in my bedroom which holds old penpal letters ~ it's silver with a pink and blue blossom branch print. Here is the mani, with the box in the background:

For the stamping I used Sally Hansen's The Sky's The Limit on my thumbs and ring fingers, and Barry M's Grapefruit on the rest. They're both amazing polishes for stamping and give a really rich colour! Again I have to say that I love my new stamping plate and there will be more Cheeky manicures to come!


Lisa xx


  1. Gorgeous! What's the base coat? :)

  2. Thnak you!! The silver is Revlon's Metallic xx


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