Friday, 17 May 2013

InVogue Feather Polish ~ Sunset


This is my third and final Fragrance Direct naughty purchase ~ a dupe of the Nails Inc feather effect polish that I really wanted but couldn't justify spending £11 on! InVogue's Sunset consists of bar glitter in a gorgeous mix of peach and white. I painted a base colour of white then proceeded to add 3 coats of Sunset...

*small voice* I don't like it.

I was so looking forward to wearing this polish but it didn't look nice on the nail at all (although it seems to have fared better when photographed). Perhaps the solid white base was too much; I will definitely try it again; perhaps with a less opaque nude base. I'll also be more patient as, when I saw that it wasn't going well, I didn't try to keep my coats nice and thin and it ended up lumpy on my nails.

Sigh... to be tried again!


Lisa xx


  1. Oh it's a shame you don't like it :( I was thinking of getting one myself, but not so sure now!

  2. Sorry you didn't like it - these are a bit of a pain to work with!

    I put a layer of topcoat between the coats of glitter to stop it bunching up and going lumpy, maybe try that next time. I've only tried / written about the Nails Inc feathers ones, but these look just the same, so it might help.

  3. Thank you so much for the advice! I'm actually wearing it right now, and this time I was more patient and used 2 coats - but I will definitely try it your way next time as it's still not perfect x


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