Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Review ~ piCture pOlish Revolution


Revolution by Picture Polish is a special base coat designed to remove glitter polish easily. This hit me as a godsend as I love glitters but equally love to change my manis often, so I'm often put off by the arduous glitter removal process! I bought it for £10 from Sally Magpies, a UK-based webstore, and have since used it for a few manicures so can give a review :-)

Application: Instructions for application are to apply 2 thin coats with dry time in-between. Revolution applies naturally thinly, and it looks like the bottle will last me ages and ages. Dry time was extremely fast; I only needed a minute between the first and second coats and I waited perhaps 5 minutes in total before applying my polish over it.

Wear: Revolution did not seem to interfere with the quality of my manicure at all - no chipping, peeling etc.

Removal: To remove my manicure I used a cotton pad well soaked in remover. I pressed the pad on my nails for a few moments before gently scrubbing the glitter off. Denser glitter required more scrubbing but in all cases the polish came off completely and with no damage to my nails. I did notice a slight glue-like residue left on some of my nails which I had to scrape off.

My Thoughts: Revolution does take away the stress of removing glitter! I no longer think twice before choosing a glitter polish to wear. It's not exactly a miracle - you do still need to do some scrubbing - but, in my opinion, it is the option which gives you the least stress whilst maintaining a high-quality manicure.

Comparison to PVA Glue: Before I bought Revolution I used the PVA glue method when wearing glitter polish ~ basically, you apply 2 thin coats of PVA glue as a base coat and peel off your glitter manicure when you're done with it. The downsides of this over Revolution are a longer dry time, the glue being dislodged when tidying the edges of your mani, and that your manicure can start peeling before you want it to! However, I would still fully recommend the glue method as a quick and easy option if you don't want to shell out £10.


Lisa xx


  1. What glitters did you try it out on? I've seen a few people debating this lol xx

  2. Hi! I tried it with Nails Inc's Maida Vale (very dense, very gritty, different sizes of glitter), Barry M's Blue Glitter (dense micro glitter) and Top Shop's 3D (top coat, medium amount of sparkle). xx

    1. Ooh that does sound like a good test! I've seen some people use polishes that I don't have an issue taking off - like Ruby Pumps - which isn't a good test at all! I think I need to get this though. xx

    2. I see what you mean - I'm currently wearing Nails Inc Holly Place which is a cross between a glitter and a foil, and I haven't even bothered with the base coat because it comes off well anyway! I would recommend Revolution as a good buy personally ^_^ xx


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