Monday, 28 July 2014

Collection Work The Colour ~ Fairy Dust


This is the second nail polish I received for my birthday (thanks mam and dad)! It's called Fairy Dust and it's by Collection, which I keep wanting to call Collection 2000 because I'm old school ;-)

Fairy Dust is a sheer polish. It's blue with a gorgeous iridescence to it which gives your nails the look of fairy wings. For my manicure I painted one quick coat of a lilac shade followed by two coats of Fairy Dust to fully show it off. Here it is:

It is magical. I know some people don't like sheers (definitely for me they have to be something special); if you can put up with them, this is a great buy, especially since it's £1.99. And I've just thought that it'd be a great base for butterfly nail art.

In Lisa news I'm having a really bad time with life and depression right now. I've been painting my nails less often but I'm hoping to regain some momentum, starting with a stamping plate review then hopefully carrying on with some new manicures!


Lisa xx


  1. *hugs* hope you feel better. I know when I'm feeling crappy I tend not to do my nails either :-(

    This is a gorgeous colour, I've seen it so many times but it looks like an Angelica polish I got from Primark - so I've never bought this one! :-)

    1. *hugs back* Thank you so much. I hope I can get back into it :-) That's really quite cool that Primark is doing polishes like this! xxxx

  2. The thing is with sheers, as long as you know they are sheer and what to pair them with they are fine :P
    I hope that you feel more yourself soon :)

    1. Thanks so much for the well wishes <3 I agree, a "surprise" sheer is not good news but at least I knew what I was getting! xxxx


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