Monday, 7 July 2014

Sparkle Shower Manicure


I was looking through my nail polish yesterday and found my gold strand Barry M glitter that I love but had forgotten about! I decided to use it in a reverse gradient for a glitter shower effect.

For my base colour I chose the very pale pink Rosehip, also by Barry M. Once it was dry I took a damp washing-up sponge and used it to dab the glitter onto the bottom of my nails. On top of this I painted some more glitter just to get a greater distribution of the strands. Two coats of top coat smoothed it all out and here it is:

I really like this for Summer! I know some people can't stand 'hairy glitter' but this is one that I just really love.


Lisa xx


  1. This looks nice! Good combination of Barry Ms. I'm not sure about the bar glitter - in small doses I quite like it on my nails!


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