Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dark Floral Decals

This post contains products which were sent to me for review :-)


I cut my nails yesterday and am super pleased with the shorter, cuter length! I decided to make my first nail art a sweet floral design using a decal sheet I received for review from Born Pretty Store.

The pattern consists of vintage white, peach and pink roses over a black background, and there's also a choice of a white version on the item listing. It's a full sheet decal which you can cut and use as you like; I decided to go for two full nails alongside a pale pink polish to complement the decal.

The pattern is gorgeous and applied very easily. However I did the manicure last night and took the photo this afternoon, and you can see some tip wear on my ring finger even though I applied top coat. Perhaps you need to take extra care when filing away any excess decal when you apply it.

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Lisa xx


  1. Those decals look so pretty, they are very vintage floral! Lovely little post. :)

  2. I like these decals so delicate and go well with the pink polish :-)

    1. Thank you Ananka! They are a lovely pattern ^_^ xx


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