Monday, 21 July 2014

Pride Manicure!


Yesterday I attended Northern Pride for the first time ever and it was amazing! Today I am tired, bruised and horribly sunburnt but it was worth it to take in such a wonderful celebration of acceptance, love and freedom. Plus the Vengaboys were performing, how cool?!

For my manicure I wanted a simple yet super sparkly rainbow glitter skittle, and here it is:

The glitters I used are as follows, in rainbow order:

Barry M - Red Glitter
Barry M - Gold Glitter
Butter London - Henley Regatta
Barry M - Blue Glitter
Nails Inc - Buckingham Street

I painted one coat of a similar colour under each glitter for maximum opacity and pop.

Here are my nails at Pride itself, accessorised with some lovely rainbow friendship bracelets:


Lisa xx


  1. This looks really cool and colourful! Love it :-)

  2. Thank you girls!! It was a great day ^_^ xx

  3. Oh I love this glittery skittle! Very festive!


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