Friday, 25 July 2014

Maybelline Crystallize ~ Rose Chic


Today I'm wearing a textured sparkle polish I was given for my birthday, Rose Chic by Maybelline. It's from their Color Show Crystallize line. It consists of fine, rich, foily pink glitter with larger glitter pieces for extra sparkle. Here are two coats:

I love love love this! It's the perfect delicate pink colour and it looks really special. I might try it with top coat as well!


Lisa xx


  1. I keep seeing these and wonder if they are any good! This one is nice, it kinda reminds me of a Seventeen texture called Charm Bracelet. :-) It looks really gold on my screen!

    1. I have Charm Bracelet and they are a bit similar in texture but Rose Chic is definitely pinker in real life - it was hard to get a photo of but it's a very delicate pale pink :) xx


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