Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Geordie Nails' Best Day Ever!


Today has been really a wonderful day for my blog! First, Models Own shared my latest manicure on Instagram and I've had a great response to it - lots of hearts and new followers, which I'm really grateful for. I've received some lovely comments on the blog which have made me smile. AND... none other than my favouritest actor Zachary Quinto gave Geordie Nails a namecheck during his tweetout interview for Geeknation!!!!!!!!! I'd submitted a question about his pet dogs and he read it out, pronouncing my name right and all, and gave a lovely answer.

Go check it out! My question is at 07:14 but the whole interview is great.


Lisa xx


  1. Haha that is awesome! Well done on the MO thing and that is so cool he answered your question :-D

    I really liked him as Spock - he did so well :-)

  2. yay - I know i should uspport the nails but oh my, I do love some Zachary ..... AND his shirt would make a great mani!


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