Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Cross Stitch Manicure


Firstly, a reminder that I am currently hosting a giveaway to celebrate my 4 year blogiversary and win lovely Moyou London prizes! It has a couple of "easy entry" options for those of you who prefer not to use social media, as this really is a thank-you giveaway for supporting my hobby.

The manicure I'm posting about tonight is inspired by my other hobby: cross stitching! Right now I'm making an elephant-themed birth sampler for a friend and wanted to transfer the sweet, simple patterns to my nails using stamping. Here is the mani plus a pic of the cross stitch in progress!

I have very low energy at the moment so am struggling to do much, but please keep on entering the giveaway ~ good luck! ^_^


Lisa xx


Thank you so much for reading! I love hearing from fellow polish addicts so comments are most appreciated. Just to let you know that I am unwell some of the time but will try my best to reply xx