Monday, 10 August 2015

Sparkling Wings & Flourished Manicures


Recently I've been doing plenty of stamping - a Born Pretty review pack and MoYou order meant I've had a lot of exciting ideas to try - and so this post shows off two of my latest stamped manicures! I'm thinking of cutting my nails short again just to get a bit of variety in, but even then I've still got some stamping in mind. I hope this isn't too monotonous for my readers?

The manicure I'm wearing right now features a sparkling pink glitter, Rose Chic by Maybelline. This polish can be worn as a gorgeous textured glitter but here I've smoothed it out so I could add some stamping in the form of a floral flourish, taken from MoYou's Mother Nature 05 stamping plate. My base coat is Picture Polish Revolution in the hope that it will make the glitter easier to remove!

The manicure I had on beforehand was a butterfly manicure, using one of the many wing designs on MoYou Kitty 12. For this I started out with one coat of Essie Ballet Slippers for the nude part of the nail. Then I took three holo polishes - Holographic Hero by Gosh, Wistful by TopShop and Red Taboo by Layla - and used a sponge to mix and dab them onto my nails as colour for the wings. I stamped the design on and top coated! I also wore one of my MoYou hand tattoos, some origami butterflies, which I've shown in the photo.

As you can see I overlapped a bit with my colour sponging which I'd hoped I could cheekily pass of as stylistic, but I don't think as many people liked when I posted it on Instagram.

Depending on how I'm feeling, the next mani you see may be of short nails - and perhaps featuring something other than stamping, just to mix it up for once!


Lisa xx


  1. Wow, that base polish on the first mani is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. It really is, I'd recommend buying it 100% if you ever see it! It's equally lovely as a texture and glossed out like this xx


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