Thursday, 13 August 2015

Short Nails with Attitude - Barry M Gold Mine!


I mentioned last time that I was planning to cut my nails short for a change, and here they are! I also went ahead with taking one break from stamping, and I'm glad I did as I rediscovered how amazing one of my dust-gathering polishes is ^_^

I bought Gold Mine by Barry M nearly 3 years ago now (I remember as I'd just started an office job and the boss was impressed by my blog!). It consists of gold glitter suspended in a semi-opaque black base that gives full cover in 2 coats, yet still allows the glitter to show through wonderfully.

It looks so perfect and cool to me! It also makes me very glad I cut my nails as it's perfect for this length - short but with lots of attitude.


Lisa xx

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  1. Fab, so often the black base overwhelms everything but this one just works!


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