Wednesday, 2 November 2011

2 True Glossywear Nail Polish ~ Shade No. 15


This is the third of my 2 True '3 for £4.99' buys (I showed the other two here).  In the bottle it looked like a denim-y shimmer blue.  Here it is on its own:

As you can see it's very sheer, so I tried it over a base colour of white (index and middle fingers) and pale blue (ring and pinky):

I like it best over white.  It is pretty when you put it over the right base polish but I wouldn't recommend it - it's not very special and the sheerness makes it difficult to wear.  The 2 True Crystal nail polish range seems to be a lot better than Glossywear.


Lisa xx

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  1. Their fast dry ones are nice and opaque but I've always thought the glossy ones looked too sheer. It is pretty over white though!


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