Friday, 25 November 2011

NOTD: Violetta + Gemstone Overcoat


Just to start off with, the depressing North East Winter days are being considerably brightened by the continental market that is in the city centre right now!  I have already conversed in French with some stallholders whilst buying a crêpe with Grand Marnier, and will return to check out the French pâtisserie stall and also buy some roast chestnuts ^_^ Happy times!

Today I have two of my favourite polishes for the Winter combined: No7's Violetta and Andrea Fulerton's Gemstone Overcoat!  I love the purdy flaky glitter over such a colourful dark purple.


Lisa xx


  1. I had to post - I finally managed to get a hold of Gemstone. It's taken soo long to find but it was so worth the wait! It's so pretty. I've got it over Bourjois 9 - stupid that they don't give it a name but it's a purpley brown shimmery varnish. Bought from a stall I know you're familiar with. :P

    Just needed to tell someone who would understand my glee. XD


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