Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Pastel with Lace Stamping

Aargh!  I just clicked something in my Pictures folder and now my new polish photos aren't where they used to be and nothing I click can make them resurface to the top of the folder :"-(  Boo!

My mani today is 17's pale lavender Woo Me with white lace stamped over the tips using my Konad m71 plate.  I really, really wanted this colour on my nails before I applied it, but now it's on I want to change it!  How silly of me.  Anyway, it still does look pretty...

Sorry about my ragged nails there, I'd just done a bad job of cutting and filing them *blush*

Before I go, here are some extra pics of Woo Me on its own ~ as I already mentioned a while back, it is my favourite polish!  I'll need to get a new bottle soon as mine is running out!


Lisa xx

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