Friday, 4 November 2011

Black Lace Nail Foil


The black lace nail foil I had been lusting after on Nail Delights came back into stock, so like a naughty spendaholic I snapped it right up!  Here it is over No7's Lucky Lilac and topped with one coat nail art sealer, one coat regular top coat:

Love!!!  The application and finish of the foil are perfect.  The only thing is that the pattern is a lot bolder than I expected.  What do you think?


Lisa xx


  1. This looks awesome!!!! I've never tried nail foils before, was it hard to apply?

  2. This foil was actually really easy to apply - you apply the adhesive first and let it dry till it's tacky, then just press the foil on the nail. Quick and looks impressive ^_^


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