Thursday, 24 November 2011

Polishaholics Anonymous... um... Thursday Nail Art Challenge?

Oops ^_^

I didn't see Mondays' Polishaholics challenge till Tuesday, and didn't get a chance to post till today - but the theme was lace and I had some nail decals just waiting to be used!

I bought these full-nail white lace stickers for £2.50 from Accessorize, and placed them over alternating pink and grey nails (Sweetheart and Chaperone, both by 17).  I wish I had better photos of the result, because it really did look pretty and charming... apologies in advance, these really are blurred!

If I were to criticise the lace transfers, they weren't sized too well - there were gaps at the side of the nail.  I don't think it's bad enough to make them lose their beauty, though.  They are probably meant to be worn for a special event, not for everyday attention-seekers like myself, but they did last a good day or two before looking tired.  I would definitely buy them again!


Lisa xx

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