Saturday, 19 November 2011

Filthy Gorgeous ~ Opulence

Glitter ahoy!

On Thursday I was walking through Fenwick, a posh Newcastle department store, on my way to university (which failed miserably... I felt too ill after an hour and had to leave :-( ).  They had two new displays of this brand Filthy Gorgeous, one of which was a selection of 3D glitters, and I snapped one up. It cost £9, way over my budget ~ I have no idea what I was thinking but looking down at my nails right now I am kinda glad I'm so crazy!

The polish I chose is called Opulence, a densely packed silver-blue glitter in a transparent blue base.  Here are two coats in natural light:

Wow!  It really does pop and looks... well... opulent!  This polish cheers me up every time I look down at my nails ^_^

I had never heard of the brand Filthy Gorgeous before but it seems really cool!  Here's a quick photo of the bottle showing off the lace-print cap and the cool plectrum charm that comes with the bottle:

As for the £9 price tag... I won't moan too much since I was the one silly enough to go over my budget and buy it ;-)  If the price is fine for you I would definitely recommend checking this 3D glitter range out!!!


Lisa xx

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