Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Accessorize ~ Aztec


As I was in town today I popped into Accessorize to check out their nail polishes (their make-up range is sold in Superdrug as well), costing £4 each.  I toyed between two polishes that looked duochrome, Aztec and Pink Spice, and went for Aztec.  In the bottle it looked like a deep, dense purple sparkle that shifted to gold in the light.

When I painted the first coat on I got a surprise - the base is a sea green!  Wasn't expecting that at all.  Here's a one-coat pic just to show you:

With 3 coats I got the full colour, and it is a true colour-shifting delight - purple to gold to green.  Here are a few pics in different lights (it was very fun to photograph this polish!):

So interesting!

I have to say that, on the nail, this shade is not 'me' at all - but I may be going back for Pink Spice as that seemed to have the same fantastic duochrome effect as this one.  It is really cool!


Lisa xx

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  1. I picked up bronze which is duo chrome too in case u want to try it :)


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