Friday, 20 January 2012

Accessorize ~ Emerald City


This mani coincides wonderfully with this week's Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge: a glitterbomb!

I bought Emerald City 3D glitter for £4 at Accessorize while I was nervously waiting for my interpreting exam (which went... stumblingly :-( ).  It's a jolly, juicy, minty-emeraldy green consisting of fine micro-glitter sprinkled with larger pieces.

For my mani, I painted one coat of a similar base colour (Sally Hansen's Lagoon) then 2 coats of Emerald City.  It could have done with a third for an extra-rich sparkle, but as it is it still looks complete.  Over that I painted two coats of top coat to smooth it out :-)

And with flash...

:-D I love it!!!

As with my other Accessorize 3D glitters - Magic and Dream - the polish seems a little thick and clumpy, especially after the first use, but nothing that spoilt the end result.  It really is a fabulous, sumptuous polish!


Lisa xx


  1. I nearly bought one of the 3D glitters the other day but resisted. This one is lovely and looks great on your gorgeous nails :)

  2. it looks really nice. doesn't look like you get much product in it for the money though! have you tried the new Giles range from new look yet? :)

  3. Aw thank you!!

    Musical.x, you do get a alright amount - I have never heard of the Giles range and now need to check it out!!!! xxx

  4. haha yeh do! they have a really nice blue shimmer one but i cant find swatches of them online :(


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