Monday, 16 January 2012

Sally Hansen ~ Hidden Treasure


Hidden Treasure was a Christmas present, given to me by my parents but chosen by myself.  I found it for £1.99 on a market stall (I call them market stalls, really they're "barrows" run by the same people in my two local shopping centres).  I'm really not up on polish gossip - I knew that Hidden Treasure was popular, but was shocked when I went on eBay and saw people selling bottles for £20 :-O

My dad said I should have snapped up any more they had on the barrow and made a killing selling them online, but I am a complete softy and can't bring myself to sell people stuff like that!  Hopefully they went to nice owners!

Here is Hidden Treasure over 17's Midnight Sapphire:

Flaky hugs,

Lisa xx

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  1. That is a stunning flakie, I need it in my life. By any chance was it at the Metro Centre you found it?


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