Monday, 30 January 2012

No... no... oh nooooooooooo...

I broke a nail :"-(

Yep, here is a photo of the lovely Fantasy Fire by Max Factor with my heartbreakingly fractured middle fingernail.

*sob sob sob*

I have really strong nails, but with the length I grow them one does inevitably break at some point.  So, like with past accidents, I chopped my nails down to baby-length and prepared to rock some short manis while they grow back.  The post-disaster polish I chose was OPI's So Many Clowns..., a milky soft soothing sheer.

You'll see a couple of long-nail posts from me in the next couple of days using photos I had lined up, including more Fantasy Fire pics!  But for now I shall stare forlornly at my nails and re-learn how to use my smartphone ;-)


Lisa xx


  1. OWWWWWWCH ---- sends urgent hugs and pats hair on head ... there there xxx there there xxx

  2. gorgeous purple color & ouch! hope that didn't tear below the nail line! >_<


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