Sunday, 22 January 2012

Romantic Water Decal Mani


As promised yesterday, I have used OPI's Play the Peonies as a base for some lovely rose water decals!

I realised today that I haven't bigged up Nail Delights in a while ~ they're a UK-based online store that sells nail art supplies, and they're where I got today's rose decals.  Personal recommendation*: they're cheap, they have lots of beautiful stuff and they ship really quickly.  All my water decals, nail foils and dried flowers are from them and I have some of their nail art stickers and stencils too ^_^

*It is, I promise!  I'm not affliliated with the site, I'm just a very happy customer ^_^

Anyway, here is the mani!  Since my nails are super-long at the moment I chose 3 larger decals and placed them on my favourite accent nails.

So so happyyyyyyy.  Please forgive the little chips from where I got impatient while my polish was still drying!


Lisa xx

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