Monday, 9 January 2012

Purple Crumpet Fairy Challenge ~ Jewellery!


This week's PCF Challenge is to do a mani inspired by your favourite piece of jewellery.  It's supposed to be for Friday, but I got inspired early (also there are one or two other pieces of jewellery I want to try and portray in mani form before the day!).

I have to say, first of all, that my absolute favourite item of jewellery is my engagement ring.  But it's so so precious and meaningful to me, I knew I couldn't do it justice with plastic rhinestones and my woeful polishing skills.

Apart from the engagement ring I am really lazy about wearing jewellery - but I have some fab stuff I found on Etsy and received for Christmas last year.  Today's mani is inspired by a cup of tea necklace I have - honestly!  It's a little white china cup and saucer with flower print, filled with tea, hung on a gold chain.  Here we go!


I ended up with a mani that I actually want to wear out of the house!  With my lack of skill I knew that, if I attempted to nail-art the lemon slice, it would look awful - especially compared to my lovely rose water decals - so I kept it simple.  What do you think?  I can't wait to see the other fairies' manis!


Lisa xx


  1. This is lovbely. I love the roses. Do you remember where you got them from?

  2. Excellent take on your necklace! Love this :)

  3. I love the necklace!! The nails are pretty too though! :P

  4. aw that echoes the piece of jewellery really well !

  5. Your nails are amazing :) so creative!

    Check out the little lemon in the tea, where did u get the necklace?

  6. Beautiful nails love the design.


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