Thursday, 19 January 2012

Epic Haul!

So on Monday, to chase away the fear of the dental hospital, I bought 2 big nail polish sets from TK Maxx. Today, to chase away the fear of my interpreting exam, I bought 2 Max Factor polishes and an Accessorize 3D glitter. Then, when I got home, I found my Lena White package of cut-price OPIs waiting for me.

I feel SO SO SO bad. But SO SO SO good at the same time.

At the back ~ Nail polish set by Spring Water Spa (?) ~ Probably not a wise buy, but hey, £4.99.
Below that ~ All About French set by Color Club
Far left ~ Play the Peonies by OPI
2nd left ~ I Lily Love You by OPI
3rd left ~ I Vant to be A-Lone Star by OPI 
4th left ~ Fantasy Fire by Max Factor ~ Saw this talked about in UK Polish Paupers and needed it!
5th left ~ Dazzling Blue by Max Factor ~ It was 2 for £5.99 ^_^ 
6th left ~ Emerald City by Accessorize ~ Wearing it now, full post to come, but it's beautiful!
Far right ~ Femme de Cirque minis by OPI


Lisa xx

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