Friday, 13 January 2012

Boots No7 ~ Foxglove

... and an I Lily Love You top coat ^_^

I think I've gotten nearly all the No7 colours I like now, off the back of their "£5 off" vouchers.  My latest choice is Foxglove, a bright, colourful purple.  Here are 3 coats:

The polish is a bit thin and I had to add a 4th coat to my middle finger as I had a sheer patch.  Despite that, it was a joy to apply and I love the colour.

Also... I have been a bad girl, and have ordered some cut-price OPI polishes from (thanks to Maria from UK Polish Paupers for linking me!).  Normally OPI are way out of my price range, so I couldn't resist getting some £5 polishes!  Amongst my choices I ordered a full-size bottle of I Lily Love You... I already have the mini and it is such an amazing, pretty, unique glitter.  To celebrate, here is ILLY from my mini-bottle over Foxglove:

I wish my camera captured ILLY better, but you can see how cool the glitter is I hope ^_^


Lisa xx

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